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The Book  Blog for the month of Feburary is about the book, Retribution.

Written by Jilliane Hoffman, an ex-lawyer, Retribution is a legal thriller novel centered on CJ Townsend. It was written in 2004.

In the first of three parts, Chloe Larson, a pretty law student is raped and left for dead by a man in a clown mask.
In the second and third parts, 12 years later, Chloe, who changed her name to CJ Townsend, is making a case against Cupid, a serial rapist murderer who rapes young blondes, carves out their heart, and leaves dead.
When Cupid is caught with another victim, CJ makes her case. However, she soon realizes that Cupid, or, William Bantling, is infact her rapist from 12 years ago.
Police find more and more evidence against Bantling, but Bantling and his lawyer manage to make excuses for every piece of evidence.
Unfortunately, CJ soon uncovers that the police stop, which caught Cupid, was illegal, and could destroy the case against him. She makes up a lie.
Soon, she discovers that Bantling was seeing her therapist – Dr. Greg Chambers. Then, just when it seems that Bantling will go free; the police find the hearts. Bantling is found guilty and sentenced to death.
Just when it seems like the end, a shock twist occurs.
CJ is celebrating with her therapist – Dr. Chambers, when he tells her that someone was working with Bantling. Then, she blacks out.
When she awakes, Chambers, who is revealed to be the second murderer, has tied her up. When he goes to torture her, she manages to stab him with a scalpel. He dies, and CJ escapes, and calls police.

This was an amazing book, with suspense and action right up to the last page. It has been described as a masterpiece, and I absolutely agree with the person who wrote that.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


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