Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a young, unknown writer, who created his first blog…

Welcome to my blog.

I’m Little Scribbler, a young aspiring writer, who is working on writing an adventure novel called “Poseidon’s Trident”, which I started writing on January 28. I’m also writing a few short stories some featuring MI7 agent, Daniel Fox, with a few more series in the planning stage. You can find out all about my novel and short stories, plus myself, in this website.

In this blog, there will be several Recurring Blogs, which will occur regularly. Here is a short description of them:

  • Noticeboard: This will appear at the end of every month, and will show my writing statistics (how much I have written etc.) and monthly goals.
  • Book Blog: Will appear towards the middle of the month and will feature a book. This blog will tell all about the novel, and give a rating of what I think about it.
  • Chapter Summery: This blog will appear whenever I have something to share (i.e. when a chapter has been typed up). It will share information of that chapter, including a passage of the chapter, trivia and more.

Also in this blog, I also hope to help aspiring writers, by providing information, and passing on both templates of documents and writing events I stumble upon, so stay tuned.

Always Writing,

Little Scribbler


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